Gorillaz - Severed Head ft. Goldlink & Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Official Lyric Video)

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  • GREAT GREAT SONG!!!!!!! EPIC!!!!

    ЛИНК2782ЛИНК2782Pred 2 dňami
  • This song becomes even darker after you realize that it's about 2D's death

    Rosario NicosiaRosario NicosiaPred 11 dňami
    • WAIT WHAT?!?!!

      Kanye EastKanye EastPred 5 dňami
  • Beat go stupid 💯

    Big DR3lBig DR3lPred 12 dňami
  • 1:35 You're telling me he said "Stay a little longer" rather then Geronimo.

    Yeeter skeeter DeleterYeeter skeeter DeleterPred 14 dňami
    • @Bella ohh i hear it now. It's so faint, so i have never noticed it

      Yeeter skeeter DeleterYeeter skeeter DeleterPred 11 dňami
    • No he said Geronimo. 2d just said stay a little longer in the background

      BellaBellaPred 11 dňami
  • Said again


    ruby reddingtonruby reddingtonPred 23 dňami
  • svlift.info/level/video/qbGWsoJ3pa_aeKQ

    Jack's ConceptJack's ConceptPred 23 dňami
  • 📲💯😆▶️⏯️📽️

    Erlee 1995 AndrewsHypeErlee 1995 AndrewsHypePred mesiacom
  • I need kid cudi and gorillaz

    LeonLeonPred mesiacom
    • Omg fr

      Kanye EastKanye EastPred 5 dňami
  • I love goldlink i love the last album please put out more music

    LeonLeonPred mesiacom
  • Oskar i my

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • 5 gemnaxzia

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Oooo

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Bro

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • 👊

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Zgelanie priyti ?

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • A ross dog

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • My 2d

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Ne napregayte pacana haha

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Aaa

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Bynker

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Sigar??? A a a a mmm

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Hernuy

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Heloo

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Mum: Why are you watching heads float around the screen with words in front of them and music playing? Me: You wouldn't understand

    da Gusda GusPred mesiacom
  • "I'm on a speeding train. I stick my head out the carriage window. My cheeks inflate. My eyes become watery..." and when he said "WHOOSH..." And you know what happens after that.😱 Ah ha ha! It's poetry in motion. Pun intended. 😆

    2koolken2koolkenPred mesiacom
  • this song is my fav because its awesome song but it also came out on my birthday

    Bryan SalinasBryan SalinasPred mesiacom
  • *Insert very original joke about the severed heads flying around the screen*

    Ben PriceBen PricePred mesiacom
  • 2:04 whoosh

    nolla noodlenolla noodlePred mesiacom
  • this is so fucking good

    Pedro de SantiPedro de SantiPred mesiacom
  • the beginning sounds like the home depot beat

    a spoona spoonPred mesiacom
  • Is it me or does #Goldlink sound a little like #KendrickLamar?

    2koolken2koolkenPred mesiacom
  • alto temardo goldlink soscrack

    Nicolás CuetoNicolás CuetoPred mesiacom
  • i hear severed head, idk where the hell youre getting soft decay from lmaoo

    Ollie FossOllie FossPred mesiacom
  • Gorillaz what for cyborg noddle? Is the lost chord,

    Gonzalo GarayGonzalo GarayPred mesiacom
  • I love how the beat sounds like a train chugging along.

    applepornographyapplepornographyPred 2 mesiacmi
    • Just like ghost Train!

      happy facehappy facePred 26 dňami
  • And here I was thinking he was saying “Selfie Vape” ala Eric Andre

    Nick LawsonNick LawsonPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Brilliant 👌

    George SanchezGeorge SanchezPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Ruban sounds so goooood

    Reuben C003Reuben C003Pred 2 mesiacmi
  • Comment

    ViruzinoViruzinoPred 2 mesiacmi
  • This song is antivirus

    Kostadinos deltaKostadinos deltaPred 2 mesiacmi
  • That's the dude who's mates w Denzel Curry!

    SKG NATIONSKG NATIONPred 2 mesiacmi
  • are we going to pretend he didn't say "I never learnt to speak brazilian?"

    Sully SullivanSully SullivanPred 2 mesiacmi
    • I mean, brazillian portuguese is pretty different from the one in Portugal

      AtyzinAtyzinPred 2 mesiacmi
  • I thought goldlinks part was “I never learned to speak resilient” it’s definitely not i never learned to speak a zillion lol

    chloe xchloe xPred 2 mesiacmi
  • This would have been an interesting episode

    AmorhpousAmorhpousPred 2 mesiacmi
  • before seeing this i thought it said "do the monkey do the thing" :(

    CedaCedaPred 3 mesiacmi
  • This collab is so crazy, even by Gorillaz standards, and it works so well.

    SolariSolariPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Anyone who can sing along to this song has my respect, it has so many lyrics that are sung Superfast.

    applepornographyapplepornographyPred 3 mesiacmi
  • I bet you didn't remember this song

    Flaming CalibersFlaming CalibersPred 3 mesiacmi
    • Yeah, but now i listen to it 3 times in different times to keep me alive now

      AtyzinAtyzinPred 2 mesiacmi
  • Severed head...oh like the one in noodles closet

    ZenxZenxPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Do your fans even try to think abstractly and connect any esoteric meanings with "inside culture" the comments... are retarded. I bet you just love them all so much. No panoramic view. I got the I . So force yourself to do the work and live a life worth forgetting again. If I cant take her with me ill stay right here for now until I finish my work and solve the puzzle. Get off the plastic beach.

    Bestowic PrimerBestowic PrimerPred 3 mesiacmi
  • I think that they ruined noodle

    crazy cat ashcrazy cat ashPred 3 mesiacmi
  • this music makes me feel emo as fuck and i love it

    GTA GrinderGTA GrinderPred 3 mesiacmi
  • HOOOLY SHIT, yo this beat familar as fuck. Google tatami galaxy ed, and compare it to the beginning of this.

    moh720moh720Pred 3 mesiacmi
  • I thought he said salty yay

    vaporwave palmtreevaporwave palmtreePred 3 mesiacmi
  • This is the theme song for the "Hereditary"

    automattycautomattycPred 3 mesiacmi
  • salty gec

    Barto TerrizzanoBarto TerrizzanoPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Wait, did the official lyric video just put in the wrong lyrics? He says "I never learned to speak a zillion" They put "I never learned to a speak zillion"

    Robin CouldRobin CouldPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Its like green laser or brainstorm

    Guillaume MartiszoonGuillaume MartiszoonPred 3 mesiacmi
  • Why is no one talking about how this sounds SO SIMILAR to 68 State from D-Sides?

    Gregory BarrientosGregory BarrientosPred 3 mesiacmi
    • Exactly!!

      happy facehappy facePred 26 dňami
  • Soy el único que piensa que el inicio de la cancion se parece a la musica de fondo del menu de fornite?

    ArBen205ArBen205Pred 3 mesiacmi
  • I love the lyrics of this. Severed Head is just like a poem.

    Siman LiSiman LiPred 3 mesiacmi
  • I feel like soft decay fits better

    Carmelo RuizCarmelo RuizPred 4 mesiacmi

    Yeruti BattilanaYeruti BattilanaPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Now just waiting for "Applebee's Toilet"

    Alpha LaxAlpha LaxPred 4 mesiacmi
  • This is the sequel to Rockit?

    Wetherby VEVOWetherby VEVOPred 4 mesiacmi
  • RIP to the people who only listened to this song once.

    DeakynDeakynPred 4 mesiacmi
  • I thought the "severed head" at the beginning said "salty death"

    Morag Jackson-BougrineMorag Jackson-BougrinePred 4 mesiacmi
  • Boa pra caralho! Tooooop

    Insane Sexy RobotInsane Sexy RobotPred 4 mesiacmi
  • God damn the lyrics kinda freak me out in a way

    Cry About itCry About itPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Hehehe- *heads go bounce*

    Madmouse 101Madmouse 101Pred 4 mesiacmi
  • a day before: me listening to Hunnybee today: youtube recommends me Severed Head It's so kool :")

    Patrick Cooper De La Gala HerreraPatrick Cooper De La Gala HerreraPred 4 mesiacmi
  • "I never learned to speak Brazilian" - but Brazilian isnt a language ,! - we dont speak spanish !!# ow chatão você ein mlk 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 já tendeu viu 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 tu escuta golirazz e acha que tem moral pra corrigir os cara?? vai tomar banho seu indie eboy 👍🏾🤙🏾 tô sentindo a catinga daqui pprt 🙏🏾 os manos foda-se 🤝 e você bua bua 👎🏽👎🏽 bolsonario

    débora bdébora bPred 4 mesiacmi
  • 2:08 *Absolute Euphoria*

    rosey tonerosey tonePred 4 mesiacmi
  • ¿Alguien habla español? ಥ‿ಥ

    Vanesa SolanoVanesa SolanoPred 4 mesiacmi
    • Yo

      Oscar CalmarOscar CalmarPred 4 mesiacmi
    • No.

      Alan GrimAlan GrimPred 4 mesiacmi
  • He is literally not saying “severed head”. HE’S SAYING “salty dead” AND THAT IS FINAL!

    Raphael SenaRaphael SenaPred 4 mesiacmi
  • sounds like the home depot theme

    UniqueDoughUniqueDoughPred 4 mesiacmi
  • 2:07 Best Part Of This Entire Song

    Vecinalfish PacVecinalfish PacPred 4 mesiacmi
  • sOfT dEcAy!!!!

    2D2DPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Holy fuckin shit is this song fire

    thepopo592thepopo592Pred 4 mesiacmi
  • I am a simple man, I see Murdoc on the thumbnail I click

    Kaan SepticherKaan SepticherPred 4 mesiacmi
  • "Soft decay" "speak brazillian" "gerónimo" EVERYTHING IS NERFED

    Santiago RamirezSantiago RamirezPred 4 mesiacmi

    BlouBear77BlouBear77Pred 4 mesiacmi
  • 😒 maybe everyone is ignorant 😔but I write, hoping that someone with a good heart will read it my dream is to be youtuber but many make fun of me for being a bricklayer😔 I work to help my mother, if you want to help fulfill my dream, be part with following me ❤😔

    Tiktok CompilationTiktok CompilationPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Why this track is not on the CD/LP???????

    kwestakkwestakPred 4 mesiacmi
    • Because it is in the deluxe edition. ;)

      Ms. TusspotMs. TusspotPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Anyone else think that the beginning sound the like Home Depot theme?

    wormwormPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Love the home depot type beat

    YikesnobuenoYikesnobuenoPred 4 mesiacmi
  • Such a good song. Hypnotising even.

    Thrillseeker8922Thrillseeker8922Pred 4 mesiacmi
  • Goldlink killed this

    Semor664Semor664Pred 5 mesiacmi
  • no ones talking about 2D saying woosh

    Airborn RangerAirborn RangerPred 5 mesiacmi
  • This and “Opium” are top 2 from this album for me. This MIGHT just be #1 though

    ZBskiZBskiPred 5 mesiacmi
    • I totally agree my boy

      Santiago RamirezSantiago RamirezPred 4 mesiacmi
  • I just love how no one is talking about Goldlink in this song whatsoever 😂😂 that one narcissistic post he said about Mac Miller must’ve ruined him that bad

    Henry HaubrichHenry HaubrichPred 5 mesiacmi

    passos77passos77Pred 5 mesiacmi
  • I thought 2-d was saying "Salty Gek"

    Delilah ThoelDelilah ThoelPred 5 mesiacmi
  • More like this plz

    Kostadinos deltaKostadinos deltaPred 5 mesiacmi
  • No way he says "Severed head" instead of "Soft decay"😅One of the best Gorillaz track ever!

    StitchStitchPred 5 mesiacmi
  • Half the views are mine

    nsouogabriel_nsouogabriel_Pred 5 mesiacmi
  • Heed these lyrics well though fr

    abe ramiabe ramiPred 5 mesiacmi
  • hola gorilas les huelen las axilas

    Carlos Alberto AnguianoCarlos Alberto AnguianoPred 5 mesiacmi
  • 3:07 i see someone likes unus annus.

    GOD-F3GOD-F3Pred 5 mesiacmi