Gorillaz presents Murdoc's Best Bitz from Song Machine Season One

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What was your favourite Murdoc moment from Song Machine?
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    jaydan nuttalljaydan nuttallPred 3 dňami
  • What happened to the boogyman?

    high Jeanhigh JeanPred 13 dňami
  • Murdoc is a emotional mess in song machine I swear

    Toaster StrudelToaster StrudelPred 13 dňami
  • 💜2021✨ pass the Word... #MillenniumLanceAndTheOpenScroll 🌹 #Daniel Chapters 8 thru 12 💜😎

    Joseph QJoseph QPred 15 dňami
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    Ma HailimMa HailimPred 18 dňami
  • i love Murdoc! no reasons to hate he

    Rômulo Ottes VasconcelosRômulo Ottes VasconcelosPred 20 dňami
  • Gorillaz please like that comment

    golden windgolden windPred 23 dňami
  • svlift.info/level/video/qsh4v4Gpj8zMb6A

    Jack's ConceptJack's ConceptPred 23 dňami
  • *~sad~*

    G O DG O DPred 24 dňami
  • trash in ranked dota 2

    The IThe IPred 25 dňami
  • Siento que Murdoc esta basado en Trevor de GTA 5 xD

    TTPred 29 dňami

    Planet PlutoPlanet PlutoPred 29 dňami
  • what was with him this album

    PersonPersonPred mesiacom
  • svlift.info/level/video/3LSLm6SWqL60fag

    Jack's ConceptJack's ConceptPred mesiacom
  • screw everyone who hates murdoc gorillaz is just not gorillaz without him they ever take him out then i will stop listening.

    shy guyshy guyPred mesiacom
  • i saw murdoc crying for the first time in my life😳

    Eva KollarEva KollarPred mesiacom
  • Mmm

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Zelenuy

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Kaharu

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Ssha hernuy

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Ross dog

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • Not gonna lie murdoc is probably my least favorite gorillaz member

    USERUSERPred mesiacom
    • i- why???

      Cassie RoseCassie RosePred 29 dňami
  • I kinda still miss the old times...

    MauvieMauviePred mesiacom
  • Mave my

    User NameUser NamePred mesiacom
  • I'm sorry but the first clip vs. The last one is hilarious to me

    EEEEEEPred mesiacom
  • #bolillo

    Francisco ValdezFrancisco ValdezPred mesiacom
  • Im confused on why it says season one does that mean there will be more song machine.

    Lemon-Lime ProductionsLemon-Lime ProductionsPred mesiacom
    • yes hopefully

      Cassie RoseCassie RosePred 29 dňami
  • Murdoc being vulnerable: a saga

    Electric FanElectric FanPred mesiacom
  • Aka Murdock's existential crisis

    David FaklerDavid FaklerPred mesiacom

    Thicc FelipeThicc FelipePred mesiacom
  • when i was really young and first found gorillaz i thought murdoc was just a zombified memeber of the beatles.

    nianiaPred mesiacom
  • I feel connected to murdoc a guy afraid of being alone and messes up meeting up someone.

    Trey The loserTrey The loserPred mesiacom
  • 0:33 *Murdoc was The Impostor. 0 Impostors remain*

    MegidoArtzMegidoArtzPred mesiacom
  • that's cursed with him smiling and i gotta get use to that

    [GD] Vex[GD] VexPred mesiacom
  • Quien le da dislike a esto???

    tord líder rojotord líder rojoPred mesiacom
  • Murdoc definitely had the roughest time out of all the members during Song Machine. Funny cuz it's usually flipped, 2D is supposed to be the one having a bad time while Murdoc is enjoying himself.

    HikikomoronHikikomoronPred mesiacom
  • Im glad they added the "ITZ ME" at the end. so poetic.

    Samuel MurphySamuel MurphyPred mesiacom
  • I love you Gorillaz

    Hilos ChemsitasHilos ChemsitasPred mesiacom
  • the real question is how was ur b a f f 🗿💅

    junko enoshimajunko enoshimaPred mesiacom
    • yes i do 😀✨💃

      junko enoshimajunko enoshimaPred 26 dňami
    • junko I didn't know you liked gorillaz

      Cassie RoseCassie RosePred 29 dňami
  • Strange Times, when he approaches the monolith like 'at last, I'll be unto God!' Monolith: Nah mate go home and focus on what's important. *BOOT*

    Riot54Riot54Pred mesiacom
    • Murdoc is the last person to be excited about being unto god-

      Cassie RoseCassie RosePred 29 dňami
  • Why he green.

    Fat bastard. CartoonyMartiniFat bastard. CartoonyMartiniPred mesiacom
    • he just be green ig

      Cassie RoseCassie RosePred 29 dňami
  • remember, all of his crying is acting

    YvaYvaPred mesiacom
  • 💚🖤💚

    Sleepy BeaneSleepy BeanePred mesiacom
  • why u are so gay

    --Pred mesiacom
  • 2D é o meu favorito

    Dj BruxaDj BruxaPred mesiacom
  • Y 2-D? 😭😭

    josefa samurjosefa samurPred mesiacom
  • Diego si ves esto ella no te ama

    elpapelucho :Delpapelucho :DPred mesiacom
  • ;(

    Murdoc NiccalsMurdoc NiccalsPred mesiacom
  • Helge MeffHelge MeffPred mesiacom
  • Me hubiera gustado ver la colaboración de gorillas con Daft Punk

    Yon conor ConorYon conor ConorPred mesiacom
  • From that album Murdoc became my favorite Gorillaz member

    :Paulinich:PaulinichPred mesiacom
  • Remember when he looked human

    chris sotochris sotoPred mesiacom
  • I am so pumped

    Wanderley Perez TorresWanderley Perez TorresPred mesiacom
  • 2-D

    SNOW furry TM ziroSNOW furry TM ziroPred mesiacom
  • phew i thought you were dead

    Mimi NavarroMimi NavarroPred mesiacom
  • Cool 😎🤙

    *•Køry- el furry 737•**•Køry- el furry 737•*Pred mesiacom
  • Murdoc continues to be the best Gorilla.

    Dicky MoeDicky MoePred mesiacom
  • Y cuando saldra 2 - D

    Luis Angel Berrelleza carranzaLuis Angel Berrelleza carranzaPred mesiacom
  • Do you remember when this guy just had a normal tan

    RibiXRibiXPred mesiacom
  • I was hoping Murdoc throwing up from the "Momentary Bliss" video would be on here.

    Braden WoodsBraden WoodsPred mesiacom
  • Hope they do a Russell one, wanna see my boy vibing with carrots on the drums in his best bits

    Daniel LintonDaniel LintonPred mesiacom
    • aw hell ye

      Daniel LintonDaniel LintonPred mesiacom
    • that- that was the first one they did???

      Cassie RoseCassie RosePred mesiacom
  • Странная хрень

    Чилавек ЧилавечныйЧилавек ЧилавечныйPred mesiacom
  • just to be clear ya`ll, i married murdoc, hes mine and only mine. weve even got proof ya know. he aint yours

    WebbyWidowsYTWebbyWidowsYTPred mesiacom
  • Nothing but bad times for murdoc

    Pastel PatternsPastel PatternsPred mesiacom
  • Just found out I wasn’t subscribed to Gorillaz now I’m crying

    Emma HayesEmma HayesPred mesiacom
    • Oh nvm I just unsubscribe on accident

      Emma HayesEmma HayesPred mesiacom
  • Me: Getting ready to see murdoc Gorillaz: oh hears the first clip of him crying I-

    BÉAN heheBÉAN hehePred mesiacom
  • Title should be _"Murdoc going through trauma for 50 seconds"_

    UnorthodoxicUnorthodoxicPred mesiacom
  • Please why is 80% of his best bits just him standing around

    Bobby McIntyreBobby McIntyrePred mesiacom
  • I need a season 2

    Gusthavo N.Gusthavo N.Pred mesiacom

    Beni GuyotBeni GuyotPred mesiacom
  • It’d be cool if at the end of 2D’s best bits it’ll say “ LISTEN TO SONG MACHINE” *pause for a brief moment* “SEASON TWO!” Then it speeds through a fast compilation of new clips from future episodes and sound bites.

    m98blue Bm98blue BPred mesiacom
  • Why the Pickle?

    Makoto Takara 寶誠Makoto Takara 寶誠Pred mesiacom
  • Murdoc was just depressed this entire season hopefully in season 2 he is a bit less depressed and more...Murdoc

    Emilienne CasseusEmilienne CasseusPred mesiacom
  • No les pasa que💖Murdoc💖

    Dalesca BravoDalesca BravoPred mesiacom
  • I bet the next one will be the valley of pagans in 2D

    Lonn KasukyLonn KasukyPred mesiacom
  • Aqui los que hablan español, veo puro inglish aqui O o)

    Naruto xdNaruto xdPred mesiacom
  • Best of murdoc: first scene is him crying on a couch. Makes sense

    mattpkc34xxmattpkc34xxPred mesiacom
  • This makes me hate murdoc slightly less

    Um HiUm HiPred mesiacom
  • I love so mutch this pickle

    Andy maidAndy maidPred mesiacom
  • God I love him

    Unwatered PlantsUnwatered PlantsPred mesiacom
  • 😃

    Gary The goblinGary The goblinPred mesiacom
  • I think murdoc can actually be quite cool, Ik most people hate him but...

    AshAshPred mesiacom
  • We saw a lot off others, i guess they prepared something cool for 2-d

    Георгий ПогосьянГеоргий ПогосьянPred mesiacom
  • Now 2D! 💜💙💚💛🧡❤

    Anima RedAnima RedPred mesiacom
  • Murdoc’s skin has gotten progressively greener every album to the point he now looks like a highliter lol

    plastic loverplastic loverPred mesiacom

    Star CompanyStar CompanyPred mesiacom
  • I seriously love Murdoc like my god

    Jamie DaltonJamie DaltonPred mesiacom
  • Thats neat but fire kevin bishop

    handzhandzPred mesiacom

    makmakPred mesiacom
  • Q penas 5 horas ya tiene 20 dislaiks

    Alejandra ZamoraAlejandra ZamoraPred mesiacom
  • I LOVE YOU MURDOC!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥💚 💚 💚

    ele fiele fiPred mesiacom
  • regius regiusregius regiusPred mesiacom
  • This is a masterpiece

    Cheetahprint85Cheetahprint85Pred mesiacom
  • The cross on Murdoc’s door is upside down which means murdoc was hanging upside down in that scene

    「Soft & Wet」is a boring weeb「Soft & Wet」is a boring weebPred mesiacom
    • Or it could be a reference to Murdoc being a Satanist since the inverted cross is a Satanic symbol.

      Toa VaxxokToa VaxxokPred mesiacom
  • Murdoc in Aries looks cute ❤️ Pd: And the award for the best bass player in the world goes to Murdoc Niccals ☺️

    Mar Otaku GamerMar Otaku GamerPred mesiacom
  • Hahahaaa ITS ME!!

    R2.0SAMPR2.0SAMPPred mesiacom
  • Waiting for 2d

    sn1permansn1permanPred mesiacom
  • Murdoc really toned down with 2D. I’m starting to believe he actually sees him as a genuine friend and not just some face-ache

    ProvsnooB 64ProvsnooB 64Pred mesiacom
  • Saving the best for last I see

    bonesbonesPred mesiacom
  • Murdoc was sad or scared for most of the videos

    Räñdømę ŠhįppęrRäñdømę ŠhįppęrPred mesiacom